To Continue to be Continued


What I Did:
I continued to work on the twitter profiles of each character, finalizing the photos and inserting the tweets. I next need to create the whole twitter feed.

Why I Did It:
I needed to get continue to work on the project and to personalize each account – I added profile pictures, cover photos, and background photos/colors.

Tweet Tweet! Tra La Tra La Tra Laaaa!


What I Did:
I began making Twitter profiles for each of the characters today, but I found that making new email accounts for each one was unreasonable, so I found a template online for making it a document and began creating those for each character. I still need Demetrius and Lysander photos.

Why I Did It:
This was the first step in actually creating the product of the project.

Revision Plan


Peer Review
I basically just showed my peer review partners the drafts I have on my blog, including the tweets draft, profiles, and handle ideas. I need to have all of that finished before I can actually create the twitter accounts. My plan is to finish getting the picture of the Midsummer cast members (Lysander and Demetrius) either tonight or tomorrow before/during the show in costume (which is hard because before is crunch time and during is acting time). I also started wondering if I could find fun things to retweet, like a Buzzed article about “How You Know To Marry Your Man” or “How To Win a Guy’s Heart” for Hermia or Helena. I may try and get other pictures to be tweeted, as well, however, I do like the order of events I have established because it follows the script, sometimes using direct lines from the script.

Work in Progress


What I Did:
On my last post I just created, I began to develop and create the profiles of each character.

Why I Did It:
I wanted to create and use detail for each of the characters to bring them to life and so the audience knows everything they can about them as real people (or fairies).

New Documentation Plan


I did not realize the rough rough draft of my project wasn’t a documentation plan. But what I am planning on doing is creating a number of twitter accounts, one for each character and each with a unique handle and “twit pic,” and tweeting in the order of the events as laid out in my previous post.

Hermia: @LovesLysander
Helena: @TallGirl_BigHeart
Lysander: @Whysander
Demetrius: @DAMNetrius
Puck: @Puck_You
Titania: @FairyQueen
Oberon: @FairyKing

: @LovesLysander
Bio: Athens. In love with Lysander Photo:

Helena: @OldNedersHelena
Bio: How happy some o’er other some can be

Lysander: @Whysander
Bio: Two bosoms, one troth. @LovesLysander

Demetrius: @DAMNetrius
Bio: Ladies love me.

Puck: @Puck_You
Bio: I jest to Oberon and make him smile!

Titania: @FairyQueen
Bio: I am a spirit of no common rate.

Oberon: @FairyKing
Bio: Ruler of Fairyland

Twitterfeed Draft

Helena: When someone doesn’t love you back<<<<

Hermia: I am so lucky to have such a wonderful boyfriend @lysander
Lysander: @Hermia Love you!
Demetrius: @Lysander @Hermia dude back off

Hermia: My dad is the worst!

Hermia: Why doesn’t he understand I DON’T LOVE HIM

Hermia: I can’t wait to run away with my love @Lysander

Helena: @Demetrius Hermia is running away with Lysander
Demetrius: @Helena fuck that guy!

Oberon: You may have the changeling boy, but at least I’m not in love with a mortal
Titania: @Oberon these are the forgeries of jealousy
Titania: @ me next time 😉

Puck: LOL

Helena: So glad to be on this adventure with @Demetrius!!!
Demetrius: @Helena I love thee not, therefore pursue me not and follow me no more! #unfollow

Oberon: @Puck make that disdainful youth love his Athenian lady!
Puck: Your servant shall do so!

Oberon: You won’t even see it coming…

Lysander: @Helena is the most beautiful nymph in the world

Lysander: How did I not realize how wonderful @Helena is?!

Lysander: Who will not change a raven for a dove? @Helena
Helena: @Lysander Wherefore was I to this keen mockery born?!
Hermia: @Lysander What change is this, my sweet love?!
Helena: @Hermia Ohhhh pleasee! You are a part of this confederacy!

Demetrius: @Helena, goddess, nymph, perfect, divine!
Lysander: @Demetrius she is mine! You can have Hermia!
Helena: @Lysander @Demetrius you are both rivals and love @Hermia and now both rivals to MOCK Helena!

Hermia: When your so-called best friend STEALS YOUR MAN<<<<<<

Helena: When your so-called best friend MOCKS YOUR INSUFFICIENCIES<<<<
Hermia: @Helena you PAINTED MAYPOLE
Helena: @Hermia you low and little PUPPET
Lysander: @Hermia you dwarf! You bead! YOU ACORN!
Hermia: @Lysander since night you loved me, yet since night you left me!
Lysander: @Hermia hang off, thou cat, thou burr! Vile thing!
Hermia: @Lysander do you not jest?!
Helena: @Hermia @Lysander yes sooth; and so do you!
Demetrius: @Lysander @Hermia I would I had your bond, for I perceive a weak bond holds you: I’ll not trust your word
Lysander: @Demetrius although I hate her, I’ll not harm her so!
Hermia: @Lysander what, can you do me greater harm than hate?

Puck: LOL

Lysander: @Demetrius follow me if you want to try and win @Helena’s love over me!
Demetrius: @Lysander I’ll go with thee tweet by jole!

Helena: @Hermia bitch!
Hermia: @Helena slut!

Oberon: @Puck what did you do?!?!
Puck: @Oberon I mistook one Athenian for the other!
Oberon: @Puck fix it! Let them believe it was all a dream

Hermia: I had the strangest dream last night…
Helena: @Hermia me too!

Demetrius: @Helena I am so sorry for everything I did and I miss you
Helena: @Demetrius I love you!
Demetrius: @Helena I love you too!

Hermia: I am so blessed to get to marry my best friend and love @Lysander
Lysander: @Hermia I love you, my acorn!

Hermia: Wedding celebrations>>>

Demetrius: Pyramus and Thisbe is bringing me to tears… of laughter #livetweet

Hermia: The mousy lion is adorable! #livetweet #PyramusAndThisbe

Helena: Poor moon! #livetweet

Lysander: Pyrumus only took 5 minutes to die lol #livetweet
Demetrius: @Lysander Thisbe’s was almost as glorious

Hermia: I have the most wonderful friends! @Helena @Lysander @Demetrius
Helena: RT “@Hermia: I have the most wonderful friends! @Helena @Lysander @Demetrius”



What I Did:
Today I created the storyboard for my project, A Midsummer Night’s Tweets. This was the next step in my project. Next I will be coming up with what each tweet will say so I have the correct order of tweets.

Why I Did It:
The storyboard was the next step in the process of creating and telling this story, to keep the order of events in order. I will draft the tweets and their order next.

Storyboards: midsummer-night-s-tweetsmidsummer-night-s-tweets-2


A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare.

I am going to primarily focus on the lovers’ journey, but I will also have tweets from Titania, Oberon, Bottom, and possibly Puck and the Fairies.

I want to tell the story via twitter.

William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Virginia Tech’s production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Ken Ludwig’s A Midsummer/Jersey

Possibilities for Project 4

04.06.15 My current idea:

  • A Midsummer Night’s Tweets
    • Helena laments being unloved
    • Hermia has angsty tweets against her father
    • Helena tweets at Demetrius; Demetrius hits with the unfollow
      • “I love thee not, therefore pursue me not”
    • Selfie between Hermia and Lysander celebrating anniversary
    • Helena tweets at Demetrius telling him about Hermia and Lysander running away
    • Puck responds/tweets “LOL”
    • Bottom tweets about how good he is
      • Mechanicals RT
    • Oberon subtweets Titania about the changeling boy
      • Titania calls him out – “These are the forgeries of jealousy!”
    • Titania tweets about Bottom
      • Fairies: “hehehehe” ; Puck: “LOL”
    • Lysander tweets about Helena
    • Hermia tweets about losing Lysander
    • Helena tweets about being mocked
    • Demetrius tweets about Helena
    • Hermia subtweets Helena for stealing her man – “You painted Maypole”
    • Helena subtweets the “little” Hermia
    • Lovers tweet about the “crazy night”
    • Titania and Oberon reunite tweet?
    • Botom tweets about “Bottom’s dream”
    • Lovers tweet about marriage
    • Bottom tweets about “come see the show, I make a lofty Pyrimus”
      • Mechanicals RT
    • Lovers #livetweet about the play
    • Fairies are happy everything is good with the forest again
    • Puck laughs at how fun/funny it all was

Based off of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Other variations of the story: Midsummer / Jersey by Ken Ludwig,

Making a List and Checking it Twice


Checklist Observations
I have all of my screenshots, but I need to incorporate them into my writing, which   I will be able to do more successfully when I put the essay onto my blog site. I did map out where they would be going, though. I did the most work on the design portion of the essay because it needed the most detail and the most work. In this section I work through the different pages on MASHER’s website and the different steps in the studio for creating a video. I had done the least amount of work on this portion.

What I Did:
I mapped out where my screenshots will go when I upload all my text to my blog and worked on the body of the essay, primarily focusing on the design section of the web essay.

Why I Did It:
The design section of my essay needed the most work, so I focused on that section the most. I also had not planned out where my screenshots would go in my web essay, so I worked that out.