Creation Continues


What I Did:
Today I continued to play with and set up my site. I created my About page and added a category for my day-to-day blog posts (“General”). I also settled on a theme and I changed back to Penscratch. I am working on creating an image for my header, possibly consisting of my headshots because that is a key component of the online identity of an actor. I also began to look at widgets and I added the Gallery widget (though I haven’t found it on my actual site yet…) and I will be looking for pictures to include.

Why I Did It:
I was glad I was able to figure out how to add a new page because that took me a bit to work out. I chose the Penscratch theme because it was easy to navigate; I could find that new page I created right off the bat at a menu at the top of the home page. I really enjoy photos and I think they can be a huge part of anyone’s identity and establishing it, so I added the Gallery widget and I can’t wait to find pictures to share on my blog.


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