Multimodal Dig


Texts found in my bag:

  1. How I Learned To Drive script – Linguistic, Spacial, Visual
  2. Deodorant – Linguistic, Visual

    Multimodal texts found in my backpack
    Multimodal texts found in my backpack
  3. Wallet – Visual, Spacial
  4. Hokie Passport – Linguistic, Visual
  5. Receipt – Linguistic, Spacial
  6. Ibuprofen bottle – Linguistic, Visual, Aural
  7. Check – Linguistic, Spacial
  8. Jazz shoes – Spacial, Linguistic
  9. Computer desktop – Visual, Spacial, Linguistic
  10. Instagram – Visual, Linguistic, Aural, Gestural, Spacial

In this activity, I began to look more closely at each object to find the text in it. At first, I looked at the script and saw it as purely linguistic: it isn’t bound, there are no pictures, etc. However, looking and thinking more carefully, I realized how specifically spatially laid out it is: french scenes are created using bold lettering, the beginning of each character’s line is defined with the name in all caps, and stage directions are explained in italics. These different ways of spelling out the text define the type of text and the arrangement and placement of these texts highlight the spacial mode of communication. It is also visual as the highlighted lines indicated who says them and which character is speaking. My jazz shoe was one text I had to think about before defining. At first I looked at it and put it back, but I realized it could be a text. At first I thought gestural because it is for dancing and so it moves, but it doesn’t do so on its own or by just sitting in my backpack. I examined the way it was made carefully, had it been made a different way, it would be a different type of shoe: it is not a boot or a tennis shoe or a ballet slipper, but specifically a jazz shoe. So it was specially created to serve a specific purpose. Inside the shoe there is linguistic text labeling the brand and giving the details of the shoe (“Leather upper balance man made; B M C2 65; EJ2 BLK made in Thailand; RNff63356”).


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