Parent Pages


What I Did:
I created two new pages (“Acting Gallery” and “Disney Fanatic”) and linked them to my About page. In this I learned how to create a link in the text and how to use “parent pages” on the site.

Baptist Minister's Wife in Front and Center Stage's "The Laramie Project" (dir. Steve Einhorn, 2015) Photo Credits: Dave Warner/Route 37 Photography
Photo from “The Laramie Project” included in the Acting Gallery
Photo Credits: Dave Warner/Route 37 Photography

Why I Did It:
I created the Acting Gallery page because a huge part of who am is what I do and that is theatre and performing. I love sharing my art and this was a great way to do so, especially while exploring my online identity for this class. I included pictures from three of the four most recent shows I have performed in and I may add more to this gallery. I was thinking about creating a page for each show and including more photos, from performances as well as rehearsals, and linking from the gallery page to the shows’ pages.
I continued to play around with the parent page idea and created a post/page about my love for Disney. This continues to explore and show my online (and real life) identity; it really shows who I am and what I love.


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