What I Did:
I was looking back through my blog posts, preparing to submit my Web Portal, and realized I was missing one from February 6th! Whoops! This was a day we worked on the appearance of our blogs. I continued to play with themes and explored colors and headers. I decided not to add a header and stayed with a black and white color scheme (I added the colored boarder the other day). We also explored widgets, which I, to be honest, am still working on figuring out.

Why I Did It:
I didn’t add a header to my blog because I didn’t have a photo that I felt captured the blog’s purpose. I really like the one I use on my about page, but it didn’t fit as a header and I still enjoy the simplicity of the theme without a header. I also did not choose a color because, at the time, I didn’t like the way it bordered my posts. However, I did add a maroon background the other day because I felt like it focused the readers’ attention on my posts.


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