Awkward Autocorrect


I don’t usually pay attention to autocorrect unless it is making a mistake. Most of the time I rely on it for basic corrections, such as adding apostrophes in words like “don’t” or “couldn’t” when I am feeling lazy. I also use it when I can’t figure out how to spell a word – I type in my approximate spelling and see the replacement options and learn from there.

However, I always notice when autocorrect messes up and it always happen at the most inconvenient times. I am (apparently) a very enthusiastic person via text message and love to use all caps. My phone really likes to remember this at the worst times or just when it is so out of place. Sometimes I just want to say “haha.” You know, something is slightly humorous, nothing intense. My phone, however, sometimes finds whatever was said to be hilarious and will autocorrect it to “HAHAHAHA.” That’s always fun to explain to the “I didn’t think I was that funny” text. “No caps” is a text message so often sent by me because of occurrences like that one.

There is also a shortcuts option on the iPhone. Under Settings, you can set certain shortcuts and autocorrections. I use one of these regularly: “omw” will autocorrect to “On my way!” for me. This is really helpful because I usually send it as I am rushing out my door, probably late for something. However, my friend loves to mess with me and has gone into my shortcuts and changed basic words to have obscure autocorrections. The best one I found? “Bye” would change to “i will text you later about the booty call.” This one is an awkward one. Especially if you’re texting someone you just met (or haven’t met yet, like when I unfortunately discovered it) or a family member. I remember texting my friend Chelsea before I met her, planning to meet up before a rehearsal for a show we had been cast in together and cooly ending the conversation, telling her “I’ll talk to you later, i will text you later about the booty call!”
“…bye* wow this is awkward.”
It was awkward.
On the bright side, however, she thought it was hilarious and we’re now best friends. But at the time, I was horrified. It could have been worse, though. I could have been texting my grandpa or a professor or something!


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