To Choose or Not To Choose…


Over the past few days I have been playing with the different tools that were options for Project 3. I decided on MASHER, a video editing application. I haven’t done much video editing in my life, only basic things for school projects and such, but it is a skill I would like to improve upon. For the final project of this class (Remix a Story), I have been thinking about doing a video/movie, so I thought this would be a good head start to learning how to put one together.

The other tools I looked at and liked after a little exploration were Presentation Tube, Thematic, and Fetchnotes. I played around a little bit with these and I think they could come in handy, so I will still keep them in my tool belt, as well. Of these, I especially liked Fetchnotes – it reminded me of a private Twitter in a way. I use a lot of sticky notes on my computer and sometimes they clutter my desktop, so this tool is one that could have the same effect, but in a less distracting way on my computer. I will continue to play with it, especially after I see the presentation on it and learn more!

I actually did not play with Masher. I saw it was a video editing tool and immediately wanted to learn one. I think this will be an advantage to my project because I am going in completely open-minded, but with a desire to learn how to use the program.


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