Making a List and Checking it Twice


Checklist Observations
I have all of my screenshots, but I need to incorporate them into my writing, which   I will be able to do more successfully when I put the essay onto my blog site. I did map out where they would be going, though. I did the most work on the design portion of the essay because it needed the most detail and the most work. In this section I work through the different pages on MASHER’s website and the different steps in the studio for creating a video. I had done the least amount of work on this portion.

What I Did:
I mapped out where my screenshots will go when I upload all my text to my blog and worked on the body of the essay, primarily focusing on the design section of the web essay.

Why I Did It:
The design section of my essay needed the most work, so I focused on that section the most. I also had not planned out where my screenshots would go in my web essay, so I worked that out.


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