Twitterfeed Draft

Helena: When someone doesn’t love you back<<<<

Hermia: I am so lucky to have such a wonderful boyfriend @lysander
Lysander: @Hermia Love you!
Demetrius: @Lysander @Hermia dude back off

Hermia: My dad is the worst!

Hermia: Why doesn’t he understand I DON’T LOVE HIM

Hermia: I can’t wait to run away with my love @Lysander

Helena: @Demetrius Hermia is running away with Lysander
Demetrius: @Helena fuck that guy!

Oberon: You may have the changeling boy, but at least I’m not in love with a mortal
Titania: @Oberon these are the forgeries of jealousy
Titania: @ me next time 😉

Puck: LOL

Helena: So glad to be on this adventure with @Demetrius!!!
Demetrius: @Helena I love thee not, therefore pursue me not and follow me no more! #unfollow

Oberon: @Puck make that disdainful youth love his Athenian lady!
Puck: Your servant shall do so!

Oberon: You won’t even see it coming…

Lysander: @Helena is the most beautiful nymph in the world

Lysander: How did I not realize how wonderful @Helena is?!

Lysander: Who will not change a raven for a dove? @Helena
Helena: @Lysander Wherefore was I to this keen mockery born?!
Hermia: @Lysander What change is this, my sweet love?!
Helena: @Hermia Ohhhh pleasee! You are a part of this confederacy!

Demetrius: @Helena, goddess, nymph, perfect, divine!
Lysander: @Demetrius she is mine! You can have Hermia!
Helena: @Lysander @Demetrius you are both rivals and love @Hermia and now both rivals to MOCK Helena!

Hermia: When your so-called best friend STEALS YOUR MAN<<<<<<

Helena: When your so-called best friend MOCKS YOUR INSUFFICIENCIES<<<<
Hermia: @Helena you PAINTED MAYPOLE
Helena: @Hermia you low and little PUPPET
Lysander: @Hermia you dwarf! You bead! YOU ACORN!
Hermia: @Lysander since night you loved me, yet since night you left me!
Lysander: @Hermia hang off, thou cat, thou burr! Vile thing!
Hermia: @Lysander do you not jest?!
Helena: @Hermia @Lysander yes sooth; and so do you!
Demetrius: @Lysander @Hermia I would I had your bond, for I perceive a weak bond holds you: I’ll not trust your word
Lysander: @Demetrius although I hate her, I’ll not harm her so!
Hermia: @Lysander what, can you do me greater harm than hate?

Puck: LOL

Lysander: @Demetrius follow me if you want to try and win @Helena’s love over me!
Demetrius: @Lysander I’ll go with thee tweet by jole!

Helena: @Hermia bitch!
Hermia: @Helena slut!

Oberon: @Puck what did you do?!?!
Puck: @Oberon I mistook one Athenian for the other!
Oberon: @Puck fix it! Let them believe it was all a dream

Hermia: I had the strangest dream last night…
Helena: @Hermia me too!

Demetrius: @Helena I am so sorry for everything I did and I miss you
Helena: @Demetrius I love you!
Demetrius: @Helena I love you too!

Hermia: I am so blessed to get to marry my best friend and love @Lysander
Lysander: @Hermia I love you, my acorn!

Hermia: Wedding celebrations>>>

Demetrius: Pyramus and Thisbe is bringing me to tears… of laughter #livetweet

Hermia: The mousy lion is adorable! #livetweet #PyramusAndThisbe

Helena: Poor moon! #livetweet

Lysander: Pyrumus only took 5 minutes to die lol #livetweet
Demetrius: @Lysander Thisbe’s was almost as glorious

Hermia: I have the most wonderful friends! @Helena @Lysander @Demetrius
Helena: RT “@Hermia: I have the most wonderful friends! @Helena @Lysander @Demetrius”


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