The website has an easy-to-follow layout that directs users to the next step upon completion of each stage. Each page of the website and step of the tool is clearly laid out and easy to navigate. In the top right corner, users will find the five pages of MASHER: Home, Studio, Gallery, My Mashes, and My Account. Home is the page on which users log in or sign up. Once signed in, users have the option of viewing their mashes, or creations, or heading to the studio to create a new mash.

The studio page has five simple, easy-to-follow steps to create a video. These steps have concise and specific titles on their tabs: Themes, Photos & Videos, Music, Text, and Save. At the bottom of the page is a timeline where media will be placed and arranged for the final project.


Creating a project begins with step one, theme. On this page, one will find four options of themes to be used. These themes determine the design of the project, including the fonts, colors, and backgrounds. Next to the theme name, there is an image that illustrates how the theme will appear on the creation. At the bottom right of the page there is a “next step” button that allows users to easily move on to the next step.

Step two is where users upload and insert media. There are three tabs on the left side of the page as means to upload media: photos, videos, and Facebook. To upload photos from your computer, select the “Browse” option above the timeline. Photos will be selected and uploaded one at a time. The video option is not yet available, but will be available soon. Photos appear in large, to scale icons on the timeline at the bottom of the page.

MusicUsers can also move to the next step, music, for example, by clicking the labeled tab at the top of the page. The music page is set up in the same way the photos page is, with a browse button above the timeline for users to upload music. There is also an option to use MASHER’s music. These options are set up with a series of tabs labeled as different genres of music. On the timeline, the music shows up above the photos.

The fourth step is text. The page displays two bars for users to type their text into: title and Titlesubtitle. To the right of these bars, the text appears on an image of a slide as it would appear in the final creation. These cannot be edited once they are created and the appearance of these slides is determined by the theme chosen in step one. Users drag this slide onto the timeline between their photos where they would like it to appear.

The save page offers users two text bars, one for a title for the project and one for a description. The video is then saved by the selection of the “Save Video” button at the bottom right of the page.

GalleryThe Gallery page is where users can view others’ work. The “mashes” are organized into sections of “Featured Mashes” at the top of the page and “Latest” and “Most Popular” below that. Users can click through a number of pages of created mashes. The My Mashes page only displays the creations made by the user. They are displayed with a cover photo next to the title and description of the video and are listed one on top of the other down the page.


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