Disney Fanatic

I was born and raised on Disney. My mom grew up 20 minutes away from Disneyland in California and spent many high school and collegiate summers working within its magical gates. When I was in second grade my parents and Grandpa brought my siblings, my cousins, and me to Orlando’s Disney World and I fell in love. We have gone back countless times; be it random weekends when we lived in Florida, to settle an argument about the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, or as family vacations with friends we love to find excuses to go back.

The summer before my junior year of high school we embarked on the 13 hour trek back to Orlando. While skipping (yes literally skipping) through the park, a little boy came up and asked to trade pins with me. Now, pin trading is a business many people take way too seriously and some adults would probably be offended if you did it wrong and asked a random stranger on the street, but I was ecstatic! His mother apologized and pulled him away, but I insisted on trading with him – how could you say no to a five year old at Disney World?? He excitedly chose one of my pins and asked politely which one of his I wanted, but I told him to choose for me (it would have practically been a sin if I had chosen and stolen away his most treasured prize). He gave me his Buzz Lightyear one (which secretly filled me with so much joy. Who doesn’t love Buzz?) and thanked me profusely and hopped away with his equally thankful mother. I cannot describe how happy that made me feel. I got to share my love for Disney with the sweetest child in the greatest place on Earth. Since then (and let’s be honest, even before that), I have made it my goal to work for Disney. My dream is to be a performer (being “a friend of Belle” would be the ultimate dream) at any of the Disney parks. I would get to bring that same joy that I feel every time I walk in the gates to people of all ages from all around the world.

And let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to spend every day at the most magical place on Earth?


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